The TOUR RS ENDURANCE RACKPACK XL bag is perfect for tennis and is multi-purpose, the most voluminous version of the rackpack.



The TOUR ENDURANCE range has been designed to withstand the extreme conditions experienced by players on the Tour. It is the reference in terms of durability. Tear-proof Tarpaulin material, waterproof construction, ergonomic carrying system, it will accompany you for long tennis sessions in all weathers as well as on tournament tours at the other end of the world. The TOUR RS ENDURANCE RACKPACK XL is the most practical due to its modular double use and its large capacity. Racks in: perfect storage for racket sports. A place for everything and everything has its place with the 5 compartments allowing you to store all your tennis gear. Racks out: the compartments can be easily removed to make a classic large travel bag. Composed of 1 shoe pocket and 1 accessory pocket, it is an efficient multi-purpose bag. Made to move thanks to the ergonomic “all in one” carrying system that can be worn as a backpack or on the shoulder and completed with a very useful “chest belt” for travel on 2 wheels. Tecnifibre innovation.


Ability: 3 rackets
Number of compartments: 7
Dimensions: 70cmx36cmx36cm
Composition: 90% PVC / 10% polyester
Range: RS Endurance


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