Ikram Khan

Ikram Khan

Head Coach at OneLife–McLean
Ikram Khan is the esteemed Head Coach at Squash Up, McLean where his passion for squash and profound expertise in coaching converges to nurture talents and foster the next generation of squash enthusiasts. With a deep-seated commitment to the sport, he embodies the spirit of excellence and determination that he strives to instill in every player he mentors.

Professional Background

Ikram Khan has been enveloped in the world of squash for over 20 years, initially as a distinguished player and subsequently transitioning into a devoted coach. He has achieved [mention any notable achievements as a player], and his journey as a player has endowed him with invaluable insights and a nuanced understanding of the game, which he seamlessly integrates into his coaching methodologies.
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Coaching Philosophy

Ikram’s coaching philosophy is centered around holistic player development, focusing not only on technical proficiency and physical fitness but also on mental fortitude and strategic acumen. He believes in fostering an environment of continuous learning and improvement, where players are encouraged to explore their potential, challenge their limits, and cultivate a deep passion for the game.
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Coaching Experience

Previous Coaching Position 1

[Brief description of roles, responsibilities, and achievements at this position]

Previous Coaching Position 2

[Brief description of roles, responsibilities, and achievements at this position]

Previous Coaching Position

[Brief description of roles, responsibilities, and achievements at this position]


Degree/Certification 1

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Degree/Certification 2

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Degree/Certification 3

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Contribution to Squash UP

Since joining Squash Up as the Head Coach, Ikram Khan has been instrumental in elevating the coaching standards and enriching the training programs. His innovative approach to coaching, coupled with his dedication to player development, has significantly contributed to the academy’s reputation as a premier institution for squash training. Under his guidance, several players have honed their skills, achieved noteworthy accomplishments, and developed a lasting love for the sport.

Personal Note

Ikram Khan is deeply passionate about contributing to the growth of squash and sees every coaching opportunity as a chance to make a meaningful impact on the players’ lives. When not on the squash court, he enjoys [mention any personal hobbies, interests, etc.], and values spending quality time with family and friends.

Contact Information

Email: Ikram@squashup.us
Phone Number: 347-210-4919

With Ikram Khan at the helm, Squash Up continues to thrive as a beacon of excellence, inspiration, and community in the world of squash.
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Our Coaching Philosophy

Personalized Attention

Understanding each individual’s unique strengths and areas of improvement, offering personalized coaching strategies.

Holistic Development

Focusing on the all-round development of players, nurturing physical skills, mental agility, and sportsmanship.

Community Building

Creating a positive and inclusive community where learners can grow together, learn from each other, and forge lasting bonds.

Continuous Learning

Encouraging a continuous learning and improvement culture, fostering a thirst for excellence and mastery of the game.

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