Junior Private Lessons

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Junior Private Lessons

At Squash Up, we are proud to offer our Junior Private Lessons, a premium one-on-one coaching experience specifically designed to cater to young squash enthusiasts' unique needs and aspirations. With individualized attention and a tailor-made training plan, these lessons aim to accelerate skill development and technique refinement and boost confidence on the court.
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Program Features

Individualized Attention

Personalized coaching where the focus is entirely on the junior player, allowing for more significant improvements in a shorter amount of time.

Customized Training Plans

Training plans crafted to suit the specific strengths, weaknesses, and goals of the individual, focusing on rapid skill acquisition and improvement.

Flexible Scheduling

Lessons are scheduled at convenient times that suit the junior player’s school and other extracurricular commitments.

Expert Coaching

Guidance from seasoned coaches who bring a rich experience and a personalized touch to each training session, fostering a deeper understanding and mastery of the game.

Advanced Techniques

Advanced Techniques: Opportunity to learn advanced techniques and strategies of the game, focusing on perfecting the strokes, improving footwork, and enhancing overall gameplay.

Progress Tracking

Regular assessments to track progress and adjust training methodologies, ensuring optimal development and goal realization.

Holistic Approach

Apart from technical skills, emphasis on developing mental fortitude, resilience, and sportsmanship is crucial for excelling in competitive play.
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Additional Benefits

Rapid Skill Development

Achieve quicker progression with targeted coaching and a focus on specific skill sets.

Boosted Confidence

Increased confidence on the court as juniors witness improvements and mastery over the game

Personal Growth

Encouraging personal growth and development through lessons tailored to suit the individual's personality and playing style.

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Gear up for a transformative squash journey with Squash Up's Junior Private Lessons. Give your child the gift of expert coaching, a supportive learning environment, and a chance to shine brightly in the world of squash.

Step Up Your Game with Squash Up Junior Private Lessons!
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