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Welcome to Squash Up Junior Clinics, where your young champions have the golden opportunity to enhance their squash prowess through intensive training sessions guided by seasoned professionals. These clinics are short-term, highly focused programs designed to fine-tune the skills of junior squash enthusiasts, offering them a platform to learn, grow, and excel in various aspects of the game.

Programming Days

Beginner / Intermediate

Beginner / Intermediate

Advanced / Elite

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Clinic Highlights

Expert Guidance

Receive expert coaching from a panel of seasoned professionals who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the clinics.

Skill Intensification

Concentrated focus on specific skills like stroke techniques, court movement, and strategy planning, allowing for an in-depth understanding and mastery.

Personalized Feedback

Tailored feedback and guidance for each participant, helping to identify and work on areas of improvement effectively.

Interactive Learning

A blend of theoretical knowledge and practical training sessions to foster an interactive and enriching learning environment.

Peer Interaction

A chance for junior players to interact with peers, sharing experiences and learning collectively, fostering a spirit of community and cooperation.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Conducted in modern facilities equipped with all necessary amenities to ensure a fruitful and comfortable learning experience.

Additional Benefits

Special Guest Sessions

Occasional sessions with renowned squash players offering insights and tips from their journey and experiences.

Resource Material

Provision of resource materials, including tutorial videos and literature, to aid in learning and development.


Certificate of completion awarded to participants, recognizing their efforts and achievements during the clinic.
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Types of Clinics

Beginner Clinics

Designed for newcomers, focusing on building a solid foundation by teaching the basics of the game.

Intermediate Clinics

For players with some experience, focusing on honing skills and introducing advanced techniques and strategies.

Advanced Clinics

Tailored for seasoned players aiming to refine their skills professionally, focusing on competitive strategies and technical refinement.

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Gear up for an enriching experience with Squash Up Junior Clinics, where we nurture the passion and talent of young squash enthusiasts, guiding them toward becoming the next generation of squash stars.

Refine, Reshape, and Reach for the Stars with Squash Up Junior Clinics!
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